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Frequently Asked Questions

Generic information on the Pierre Auger Observatory and its detectors can be found on the Southern site or the main site of Auger. A glossary of the terms used on this web page is also available.

This Public Event Display has just been put online recently. We'll do our best to update this FAQ so the site can be used by non specialists. Feel free to send any question to auger-public-ed@googlegroups.com.

  1. What is a VEM/LDF/T5?
  2. Please refer to the glossary to get the list of the specific terms used on this web page.
  3. The Pierre Auger Observatory is unique in its design as a hybrid detector. Is there any plan to provide a hybrid event display soon?
  4. Yes, and we are currently working on it. It however takes time as the hybrid reconstruction is quite more complex than the surface array only.
  5. What do the stars mean?
  6. The stars just indicate the 3 events which were most visited. It is a fast shortcut to nice events.
  7. How did you select the 1% to make public. Is it random? What is the selection algorithm?
  8. You might have noticed that all event Id end by 00. This is the way we select events: All T5 events with zenith angle lower than 60 degrees, E<50 EeV and Id ending in 00 are published.
  9. Why are events limited to 60 degrees of zenithal angle and 50 EeV of energy?
  10. Horizontal events have very flat LDF, are subject to important fluctuations and are distorted by the geomagnetic field. They are complex to reconstruct and interpret, and need a separate reconstruction algorithm. High energy events also need careful check by physicists. We hope to add both kind of events in a near future