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Please be patient while downloading these files as some are of significant size.

You can download a 8 MB ascii file with the reconstruction information of all events, or a single large tgz file per year (up to ~ 15 MB) with all raw data in JSON format:


JSON format description

All events are presented in a single file with the following format:

  • version: version of the data format. Current value is 1
  • id: id of event in the Auger processed files
  • rawid: id of raw SD event
  • theta: reconstructed zenith arrival angle
  • phi: reconstructed azimuth arrival angle
  • energy: reconstructed energy of the CR shower
  • l: galactic longitud of arrival direction
  • b: galactic latitud of arrival direction
  • x, y, z: impact core coordinates in a referential centered in Auger
  • time: time of arrival in GPS seconds
  • r: reconstructed curvature radius of the shower front
  • s1000: signal at 1000m from core, used for energy determination
  • beta: slope of the lateral distribution function
  • gamma: correction to the slope of the lateral distribution function
  • chi2, ndf: chi2 of the event fit and number of degrees of freedom
  • dtheta, dphi, denergy, dx, dy, dr: reconstruction uncertainties
  • nbstat: number of stations

Followed by a stations array of stations, each with the following information:

  • id: station Id
  • name: station name
  • x, y, z: station coordinates
  • t: time of signal start in the station, in nanoseconds
  • signal: integrated signal in VEM
  • pmt1, pmt2, pmt3: 3 arrays corresponding to the PMT trace in VEM, one value every 25ns, with signal starting at bin 10
  • extra: extra fields of interest, currently:
    • sat: is PMT saturated? (too much light reaching the limit of measurement)
    • aop: area over peak, an estimate of the shape of the PMT traces
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