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Welcome to the Space Weather public web page of the Pierre Auger Observatory.

The Pierre Auger surface detectors record every second the rate of low energy particles detected and report this informartion to the central data acquisition system. This event rate is related to the flux of low energy galactic cosmic rays reaching the Earth, which is modulated by the solar activity. Therefore, by measuring with great precision the flux variations, the Pierre Auger Observatory is able to contribute to the Space Weather program, in a way similar to neutron monitors.

More information about Space Weather and cosmic rays can be found on the spaceweather.com webpage. A description of the Pierre Auger scaler mode and the data presented here (15 minutes averages of the scaler rates) can be found in "JINST 6 P01003 (2011)" (open access).

Given the peculiarity of the detector (spread over 3000 km2), some unusual effects can be present in the data. A specific page is dedicated to them.

Should you use these data for any publication, acknowledgement to the Pierre Auger Observatory should be given and JINST 6 P01003 (2011) should be cited. You can also download a 20 MB ascii file with all the dataset.

Latest scaler data

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